Specialty Health care provides a sophisticated Clinical Rule-based Engine platform that integrates with all EHR, EMR and healthcare data repositories to optimize patient care outcomes.

Our software has a vast amount of what should be done to optimize patient health by analyzing evidence based standards published by NQF, NCQA, JCAHO, CMS, AMA and hundreds of others.

Combining Care Management and Predictive Analytics, we are able to minimize or avoid hospital readmissions, deterioration of patient conditions, avoid adverse events and adverse therapeutic interactions. Patients will be presented with more opportunities for better care and find themselves able to avoid the financial burdens that accompany hospital readmission. With this centered information, it becomes a driving force to help minimize cost and ensure consistent care and treatment.

Enhancing the health of a population is no easy task.

SHMG implements predictive analytics technology for continuous insight, monitoring, and targeted interventions in which ACOs will encounter fewer health-related complications and a reduced need for expensive treatments and emergency room (ER) visits within their targeted populations.

Rule-based Clinical Software

  • Extracts information from previously formed data sheets and calculates possible outcomes and trends in the future
  • Recommends adjustments to Drugs, monitors best practice Therapeutic Drugs, and identifies high risk drug combinations caused by patient conditions
  • Creates a patient specific bottom up analysis with only two inputs – a patient’s medical record and evidence based standards
  • Results are individualized to the patient

Why it Works

  • More profit keeping patients healthier – and out of the Hospital
  • Care will be patient centered, not provider centered
  • Collaboration will be the rule, not the exception

Who Benefits

Patients will be presented with more opportunities for better care and find themselves able to avoid the financial burdens that accompany hospital readmission

Want to share more with your providers, then help them to be better able to manage complex chronic care patients through a Master Care Plan that:

  • Identifies patient specific test/procedures that are evidence based
  • Better drug protocols to keep patients stable over the longer term
  • Improve Preventative care
  • Lower the risk of Adverse events such as Adverse Drug Events, Falls, and Dementia

And what about providers. Do you have ways to accurately measure them and make sure you know who is caring for your patients?



We lower the risk of making mistakes or forgetting something.

  • Medications
    • Identifies changes in Drugs based on evidence based standards
    • Monitors for appropriate Therapeutic Drugs
    • Flags possible dosing adjustments based on changes in patient condition
  • Procedures
    • Identifies recommended Procedures/Tests based on patient condition
  • Risks
    • Identifies change in patient risks before external symptoms appear
    • Monitors and Manages underlying causes

Apply Advanced Analytics To What You Do

  • MDS analytics can manage ongoing care
    • MDS is days old by the time it is analyzed
    • It is a nursing assessment not a medical assessment
    • It doesn’t include patient’s Meds, Labs, or Procedures
  • Reduce risk of Readmissions
    • Hospitals want Faciities who keep their patients safe
    • SNF will be subject to penalties for Readmissions
  • Prove to ACO’s that you are better than your peers
    • What do Star ratings really mean?
    • How many of your peers are also star rated highly?
    • Do you know how to help an ACO improve their metrics?

Capturing Value

Solutions that capture savings through an integrated system

Are you worried about lowering readmissions?

  • How do you watch patients post discharge
  • How do you know who to trust
  • How do you measure your partners

Is the cost associated with Adverse Events eating away your profits?

  • Medications – it is not just Drug / Drug interactions, but dosing, allergies, and comorbidities
  • Falls are avoidable and you share the blame

What about your future?

  • How will you handle the upcoming focus on reducing Admissions
  • How will you prove your worth to ACO’s when they pay for your services

Eliminate Care Silos

Capture the shared savings and improve outcomes

The clinically intelligent rule-based engine pulls EMR data from previously disconnected healthcare silos giving you the ability to:

• View a patient along the continuum from any point in the continuum

• Be on the same page with other care providers, sharing the same data

• Address gaps in care

• Reduce Adverse Events

Differentiate Your Service

Integrating to survive

Seeking advantages to contract with providers that are preferred by ACOs and Health Systems.  Why should get get the business over them?

  • Can you measurably demonstrate that you will have a lower re-hospitalization rate?
  • Can your disease management protocols keep patients out of the hospital?
  • Can you take on a larger burden of the primary wellness to free up the Primary MD?

We enable you to succeed with all of these better than you ever have.  making sure there are NO mistakes.  Making sure your staff is always guided and measured and you are always alerted.

Harnessing the Power of Technology

  • Integrates with your existing EMR and other data sources (including the telemonitoring stations)
  • Capturing data from medication dosing- comparing it against patient diagnosis, weight, age and other relevant conditions to improve outcomes
  • Identifies labs and timeframes needed to properly monitor high arimidex meds– as if you had a full time pharmacist on staff
  • Compares diagnosis with treatments being received- or NOT received
  • Develops patient risk profiles using multiple dimensions to identify significant change in underlying conditions.
  • Delivers red flag alerts for Adverse Event monitoring
  • Compares 650+ NQF metrics
  • Adverse Event prevention
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
  • Immunization compliance
  • Complex Disease Management
  • Delivers a multiple risk index trending to assist in Population Health Management, reduction in health care costs and improved patient outcomes.

Leading the next generation of
Data Analysis to transform Healthcare.

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