Our Patient Navigation Center serves as a care hub that integrates information, coordinates care and collaborates with care providers across transitions to ensure high quality of care, high patient satisfaction and deliver of timely care interventions to create a positive patient experience.

This is an extremely important component of the new model of care delivery because future reimbursement will all be focused on the patient experience. Having good providers is no longer enough; care providers must think of the entire patient experience from the moment the patient is admitted until the patient gets well in their next setting (home, snf, etc).

The Patient Navigation Center is a centralized Care Team model that include skilled nursing home administrators, registered nurses, patient navigators and physician collaboration. The Care Team coordinates care among the continuum of care settings to ensure preventative interventions. The Patient Navigation Center integrates with your infrastructure and collaborates directly with your current personnel to avoid duplication of services and reduce overall cost of program. This program can be tailored to ensure that follow up services, care and education is provided to levetiracetam impact patient satisfaction.

Care Liaisons are assigned to patients to:

  • Coordinate care across transitions
  • Arrange post discharge care and follow-up appointments
  • Coach the patient through the care plan
  • Provide one-to-one education
  • Monitor and encourage Therapeutic Adherence

Why it Works

Real Person-to-Patient Engagement:

  • Builds real relationships directly with patients, family and caregivers
  • Trust is created with one-to-one interactions to coach patients through a path of wellness and recovery
  • Serves as a conduit of information between primary care providers, care teams, family and community services
  • Increased communication is proven to avoid adverse events, thereby reducing patient hassles, unnecessary hospitalizations and reduce costs to both patients and care providers

Who Benefits

Win-win Strategies

  • Patients
    • Better quality of life
    • Less hassles
    • Improved health outcomes
  • Family and Caregivers
    • Additional clinical support
    • Less caregiver stress
    • More rapid response
  • Healthcare providers
    • Integrated communication between care teams and care settings
    • Decreased readmissions
    • Improved care outcomes
    • Decreased health care costs

Coordinating care through all transitions

Hospital Care

Nursing Home Care

Primary Care

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