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For small and mid-size ACO's, hospitals, physician groups, and other healthcare risk-based providers seeking an affordable Coordinated Care and Telehealth model to improve health outcomes, patient satisfaction and reduce health care costs.

Avoid Adverse Events

Reduce Rehospitalizations

Reduce Healthcare Costs


Care Liaisons

Care Liaisons are assigned to patients to coordinate care, arrange follow-up appointments, and coach the patient through the care plans, provide education and encourage therapeutic adherence.

Customizable Outreach Campaigns

Customized campaigns are formulated to assist your organization to meet the most pressing health goals through a focus on preventative health in areas such as high blood pressure, weight loss, diabetes and many others.  Through proven techniques, we are able to demonstrate significant participation and costs reductions to assist your triple aim goals.

Digital Communication Tools

Managing large patient populations is no easy tasks.  We assist in setting up notifications for upcoming doctor’s visits and reminders to decrease visit no-shows and increase patient engagement. Additionally, the patient’s care team connects with patient to increase therapeutic adherence and improve results in plan of care goals.

24/7 Nurse Hotline

Patients can speak toll-free with a licensed nurse to explain medication instructions, answer questions about discharge plans, or discuss other concerns.

Electronic Patient Profiles

Profiles updated regularly to connect the patient’s care team, primary care physician, and family caregivers to provide them with current information.


Clinician-directed health and/or risk assessment surveys are delivered in a variety of customized formats to manage any disease and chronic condition. These digital forms help patients and their caregivers observe their adherence to prescribed medications, vital signs, and identify potential health issues. As patients follow their care plans, their support networks can proactively identify and resolve issues.

Specialty Healthcare Management Group Model


Predictive Analytics

Specialty Health care provides a sophisticated Clinical Rule-based Engine platform that integrates with all EHR, EMR and healthcare data repositories to optimize patient care outcomes. It optimizing patient health by analyzing evidence based standards published by NQF, NCQA, JCAHO, CMS, AMA and hundreds of others.

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Patient Monitoring

Leveraging Telehealth and Care Management services to align with caring for patients at home, avoiding readmissions and empowering patients to take control of their health conditions.

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Care Coordination

Our Patient Navigation Center serves as a care hub that integrates information, coordinates care and collaborates with care providers across transitions to ensure high quality of care, high patient satisfaction and deliver of timely care interventions to create a positive patient experience.

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Patient Engagement

Through a comprehensive program and patient engagement software, we deliver tools to motivate, encourage and assist individuals in making modifications to improve wellness and health.  Our software and program is structured with proven psychology techniques.

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Workflow Efficiency Software

With a proficient Workflow Efficiency Software, healthcare centers have the opportunity to efficiently track their patients to make sure these three goals are being met. In order to ensure each patient is receiving the maximum care required to prevent re-hospitalization, it is important to be able to check off when things are being done or when the needs are met.

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Did You Know?



Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) concluded that about three-quarters of readmissions within 30 Days were potentially prevantable.



In September 2014, the State of Illinois announced that HFS will collect $16.3 Million in penalties from IL hospitals that FAILED in reducing potentially preventable readmissions.



According to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), 59% of all Adverse Events in a nursing home were clearly or likely preventable.



Without care coordination, more than two-thirds of medical discharges are rehospitalized or dead within a year.



Of all hospital readmissions are caused by less than 1% of all patients.

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